Public Adjusters


A Public Insurance Adjuster assists in filing and preparing insurance claims. He or she can operate all components of the cases from negotiations to receiving settlements.

Sadly, insurance companies may not cooperate ideally, which means a courtroom trial will be necessary.


Public Insurance Adjusters can assist with all types of insurance claims from hurricane damage to fire damage. Listed below are their main duties:

  • Review the contract and establishing the entitled amount
  • Collecting visual evidence of property damage
  • Creating inventories of the damaged property
  • Receiving a repair estimate
  • Reaching out to experts for support
  • Filing the claim and reaching a satisfactory settlement

A Public Insurance Adjuster is also responsible for keeping clients up to date on the case.


If you are a Public Adjuster looking for help from a law firm, call us today! We can offer you and your client expert advice in whatever area you need. We can also help you reach an agreeable settlement with the insurance provider. We have been leaders in the insurance claims field for years, and we know the extensive process that comes with litigation. Call us today to speak with a skilled attorney in Tampa.