Contingency Fees

If we don’t get you compensation, we don’t get paid.

It’s a common concern that pursuing legal help will cause even more financial hardship. However, Jerry Jaramillo & Associates operates on a true contingency basis. We firmly believe that if we don’t get you compensation, you don’t pay.

There’s no risk to you. We take all the risk. We hire the experts and take the time to work your claim. Long story short, working with us will never cost you money.

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Call our office today to schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our attorneys. This meeting will allow us to assess your case and identify the next steps. We will walk you through the proceeding legal stages. If your carrier acts in “bad faith,” we will be there to enforce your rights. We always work to get you an appropriate settlement. However, if this does not work, we are prepared to aggressively take your case to court.

Call us today, even if your claim was paid. Chances are you could be entitled to more money. Remember this important point: You start with a free consultation, and you still don’t pay us anything if we win. Your insurance carrier will take care of the bill without any cost to you. Not every insurance attorney works this way, which is what makes Jerry Jaramillo & Associates unique. Since we don’t get paid if we don’t win, we are guaranteed to work tirelessly and effectively to get you the money you deserve. This knowledge should ease your worries and give you confidence as you partner with Jerry Jaramillo & Associates. Be assured we can secure what is rightfully yours.

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No matter what stage of filing your claim you are in, there is no downside to calling us. We are a compassionate, supportive law firm that places our clients’ wellbeing and health above all else. We provide a boutique feel with big law firm results. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys. Start the claim filing process with us today.