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Florida law requires insurance companies to operate under “the duty of good faith.” This means they are absolutely required to act fairly with their policyholders. When they violate this law, they are operating in “bad faith.” This means you can instigate legal action.

Florida insurance companies frequently come under fire for blatantly not caring about their policyholders. Even more unnerving, they hire lawyers that help them avoid making payments to their own policyholders. When disaster hits in the form of a hurricane, flood, or even wrongful death, insurance companies set out to dodge payment on these damages. All the while, you’re suffering from things that were out of your control. Their negligence hurts you in a time when they should be helping.


Going up against a huge insurance carrier can be frightening. That’s where you need help from a trusted Tampa insurance attorney. When they operate in “bad faith,” you can receive damages to help put your life back together and return to normal. Jerry Jaramillo & Associates knows it can be hard to navigate through legal terminology of your policy to fully understand what you are entitled to. Our Tampa insurance attorney knows the ins and outs of these contracts and can help you today. After we translate your insurance policy, then we can create the best plan and representation to counter your carrier.

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As a policyholder, you signed a binding, legal contract that forces your insurance carrier to protect you. By law, your carrier should aid and protect you if you fall victim to illness, property damage, or theft. The insurance company should be more than willing to take care of you since you’ve been a paying customer for years or months. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t see it this way. If your carrier reneges on your contract, Jerry Jaramillo & Associates is ready to defend your rights and demand damages.

Insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid paying damages. Sometimes, they launch their own investigations into your case. Other times, they find errors or inconsistencies in your contract. Their goal is to decrease your legal credibility so they can easily deny your claim.

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At Jerry Jaramillo & Associates, we know how devastating it can be to have a trusted insurance company betray your contract. Why should you suffer staggering medical bills? Why should you drive a damaged car from an accident that wasn’t your fault? How can you be expected to cover unexpected bills from a hurricane? We don’t think this should be your responsibility. Denied claims, inadequate compensation, and purposeful delays cost you time and money you don’t have. When dealing with a disaster, you don’t want to battle your insurance on top of that. Call Jerry Jaramillo & Associates for the peace of mind that comes with having an expert insurance attorney on your side. We want to see each and every client get the outcome he or she deserves. With years of experience, rest assured your claim will be handled properly, efficiently, and in a timely fashion. Call us today or fill out our free case evaluation form if you want compensation for unexpected damages.