Disputed and Denied Claims

Whether your home, business, or other property has been damaged by a fire, hurricane, sinkhole, wind storm, flood, theft, vandalism or any other loss, you may have a legitimate insurance claim.

Your insurance company has professionally trained adjusters, experts and attorneys working for them that often lead to legitimate insurance claims being underpaid or flat out denied. Prior to even considering payment of a claim, insurance companies will often require production of all types of documents and submission to examinations under oath and/or recorded statements. Despite these events being so early in the claims process, these events can be crucial to the ultimate outcome of your claim.

Our law firm has helped hundreds of clients who were underpaid, slow paid or outright denied receive the benefits they were entitled to. Sometimes, insurance companies will engage in practices of adjusting insurance claims in “bad faith.” Insurance companies commit bad faith when they deny a claim without a legitimate reason, fail to pay a legitimate claim, delay payment (“slow pay”) hoping for the insured to accept less, ignore a claim, deny a claim without explanation, or harass/intimidate the policyholder.

Many times they will seek to use immigration status, employment records, or past criminal history to allege fraud to avoid payment of a claim.

My office will handle your insurance claim from the very beginning and will be by your side every step of the way during this difficult time.

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