Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Hurricanes and tropical storms are a yearly threat to the State of Florida.

Hurricane and tropical storm season starts on June 1 and ends on November 30 of every year threatening residents, homeowners, business owners and property owners throughout the State.

Damages from hurricanes or tropical storms can be caused by wind driving rain, flooding, storm surge, and even tornadoes. Damages can range into several thousands of dollars for homeowners, business owners, and property owners. Often, homes and businesses damaged by these storms will require its residents or business owners to temporarily relocate.

Unfortunately, hurricanes and tropical storms are widespread events causing damages throughout many counties, and getting through to your insurance company may become very difficult.

Insurance companies, overwhelmed with claims, hire independent adjusters to write up estimates that often do not include all of the damages sustained by a home owner or business owner. Benefits that should have been afforded such as additional living expenses, compensation for personal property and many other benefits are not provided by the insurance company.

Dealing with an insurance company following a hurricane or tropical storm damage claim can be complicated, frustrating, and confusing.

Insurance companies will send experts to determine the total amount of compensable damages to your home, business or personal property including cars as well as watercrafts. The experts often do not include in their estimate or reports all of the property or items that should be paid by your insurance company.

Let my office handle your hurricane or tropical storm claim by reporting your claim, by obtaining any available emergency benefits, and by navigating you through the entire hurricane or tropical storm claim process, including hiring experts in order to maximize your hurricane or tropical storm claim.

My office will handle your hurricane or tropical storm claim from the very beginning and will be by your side every step of the way during this difficult time. Regardless of whether you need to file a new hurricane or tropical storm claim, already made your own hurricane or tropical storm claim, had your claim denied by your insurance company, or received a settlement offer from your insurance company for your claim, but are unsure if the amount being offered by your insurance company is sufficient, we can help you through this process and make sure that your claim is handled properly. We will work tirelessly to make sure you receive all the financial benefits you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

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Our firm handles hurricane or tropical storm claim cases on a Contingency Fee Basis which means that you pay nothing until we are successful for you.